Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thanksgiving has just passed and the Christmas season is now upon us. With all the hustle to get cards out and presents wrapped, planning our family Celebrations we all need to remember that we are honoring our king Jesus

May the spirit of the holidays fill your home with love, peace, Health and happiness throughout this Holiday season.

Carolyn and I wish all our Sons and Daughters of Italy in America family the very best for a blessed Merry Christmas and a very happy healthy New Year! 

Buona Natale e Felice Anno Nuova 

Tony Cianciotta

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About Us

The Grand Lodge of Florida


We are an organization dedicated to the preservation of our Italian heritage, language and culture. 

 The Grand Lodge of Florida was incorporated in 1953.  Currently, there are 25 lodges under the umbrella of the Grand Lodge of Florida with a total of approximately 1,700 members.  

The Florida Foundation


The Florida Foundation issues five  scholarships annually to graduating high school seniors in Florida. Local lodges also are active in issuing scholarships within the boundaries of their individual unit. 

The Foundation also donates to charities, such a the cancer fund, Alzheimer’s fund and Cooley’s Anemia. 

The Commission for Social Justice


The Commission for Social Justice strives to promote our Italian heritage and culture while dealing with issues of defamation, bias and bigotry.

  The Commission is   

particularly concerned with eliminating false and discriminatory portrayals of Italian Americans.

Inaugural Address of Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro


On June 22, 1905, Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro founded the Order Sons of Italy in  America. Here is the inaugural address.