Dear Brothers and Sisters,

One  month has passed since our State Convention. The new State Officers have  been getting up to speed with the help of their predecessors so now  it’s time to loosen the reins and let them do their respective jobs, but  continue to be their mentor.

The next  quarterly meeting is being hosted by the Upper Keys Sons and Daughters  of Italy in Key Largo.  President Brother Gregory Bianchini has made  arrangements with the Holiday Inn for us to hold the Friday Officers  meeting followed by an “Education & Focus session.” 

Please see the Grand Lodge Website for hotel and meeting information for October’s meeting.

Our  Floridian magazine has  ͻommittee reports and insights for membership by  our Future Good of the Order chair Joyce Bollenbacher. Please read  them.

On Wednesday, July 24, the National  membership committee, chaired by Brother Mark DeNunzio, presented a very  informative Webinar covering social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube  & Hashtag) and how our local lodges can use it to promote their  membership and OSDIA awareness. 

This power point is now available to all online. 

The schedule for the next few Quarterly meetings will be posted on the Website as soon as final arrangements are secured.

Looking forward to seeing all our Lodge presidents at the next quarterly meeting in Key Largo.

I  will be attending the National Convention next month with our elected  National Delegates to represent our Grand Lodge. We will bring back all  the results of their elections and all modifications or changes that may  impact  our lodges.


President Tony